About Kourtney Reppert

Hailing all the way from Leesport, Pennsylvania, Kourtney Reppert is a small town native making strides in the big city. She is living proof that you can have it all; beauty, brains and a blossoming career, all while being a single mother. A multi-faceted business woman and accomplished model, Kourtney has successfully built her brand and has been featured in reputable publications including FHM, Maxim, Sports Illustrated, and many more! While her confidence, golden tresses and curvy body may exude a bombshell persona her personality is truly that of the girl next door with a big and giving heart.


From a young age, Kourtney found herself in the spotlight with her first audience being her mother, father and three older sisters. She would often be the headliner at dinner and get togethers, singing and offering entertainment for the whole family to enjoy. As a child, Kourtney was an artistically gifted girl, who loved nature and being outdoors. She took up swimming and playing softball, and it was then when she discovered her love for fitness and being active.


Kourtney remained active in sports all throughout her upbringing, she was a fierce competitor, especially in softball, receiving training from a pitching coach at age 12. Despite being a tomboy for most of her younger years, her teen years became a time of change. Kourtney ditched her braces, lost weight, and dyed her hair blonde, embracing her femininity, she began experimenting with make-up. Having had her own struggles with acne, psoriasis and other skin issues, it fueled her interest in skin-care as well. Soon it became one of her favorite things as she found joy in not only doing her own make-up but used it as a tool to help others also look and feel good.

During high school, Kourtney attended Image International Modeling School, in Allentown, PA, it was around this time that she began to seriously consider the idea of modeling and took a special interest in fitness modeling. She attended college and pursued a degree in sales and marketing. While on campus at her college, she was scouted to model for a local company and did very well with them. She then moved to Philadelphia and worked at Neiman Marcus as an esthetician and marketing manager for a skin care line.

Expanding her creativity to photo shoots, Kourtney honed in on her talents and began building her own avenue by creating images that she later on used on her social platforms to grow her audience. She implemented her marketing skills and further developed her brand by offering her fans merchandise such as prints, calendars, mugs and etc. Kourtney applied her marketing knowledge and amassed a huge following using Facebook, back when social media was still a fairly new concept. She created a marketing company called Bombshell Marketing, now known as KR Media LLC, that caters to models, products, brands and anything that utilizes clicks, likes, and sales to grow exposure.

A notable moment in Kourtney's modeling life was when someone submitted her photo in a contest for Philly’s Hottest Blonde put on by the number one rock radio station, WMMR, 93.3. Winning this contest helped further motivate her, it drove her ambitions, and shortly after, at age 24, she decided to move to LA to further her visibility in the industry. She was offered the opportunity to model for PlayBoy Magazine, and even though she decided not to accept, she was able to stay connected with the brand and was a part of many of their social & charitable events. She ended up signing with MMG Models who landed her a role as a stand in for Jessica Simpson for her Macy’s campaign.


Kourtney’s dedication to empowering others stems from some of her darkest times and many of her own personal battles, having had a first-hand experience in dealing with PTSD, anxiety, depression and fear of abandonment. During one of the most difficult times in her life, she showed that she was not just a pretty face but a badass detective as well. While fighting for her safety, Kourtney skillfully led the FBI right to a stalker and criminal who had been threatening her life. Since then, it has become Kourtney’s cause and mission to help others and get them through tough moments. Her openness and willingness to be vulnerable with people is an admirable trait that has made a way for Kourtney to create genuine and lasting connections with her team and audiences. She has taken her life experiences and influence to fuel her greatest passions, she aims to be in service to her audiences with special attention to women, children, especially those who come from broken families. She is the founder of The Kourtney Reppert Foundation, a registered 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to raising money to assist children and single mothers.

Lately, Kourtney has put most of her focus towards being an advocate for fitness and healthy living. After successfully losing 100lbs from pregnancy weight, she proves that she has what it takes to lead and be a strong warrior for wellness and healthy habits. She now works as the executive director for Tropic Beauty, a production company specializing in influencer events that is home to the most beautiful lifestyle & fitness models. Kourtney is determined to continue to use her talents, established brand and influence to effect positive change in the world, with her biggest motivation and drive being her son. As a single-mother, Kourtney is a breathing example of a survivor who has dealt with intense personal struggles on her life's journey. She now sets a glowing example of community service through a variety of directly-beneficial charity work, with only the desire to be able to help more.